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Summer Reading, Beautiful Art, and Why I’ll Never buy Produce from the Supermarket Again

There are a lot of things that make me happy

Sleeping in past noon (hah!)
Waking up to the rain

Blah blah blah

I also love a great mug, a good book (or two, or three…) and fresh produce.

Is it just me, or does coffee (or tea, for all of you that aren’t bound by the crippling clutches of a caffeine addiction) just taste better in a gorgeous piece of pottery?  I used to work up at MacDonald House out in Lawrencetown; at a great little spot called Fancy Lucky Vintage you can find the wonderful shop here and here.  FLV was up on the top floor of this amazing house, and on the main floor is a wonderful art gallery owned by FLV’s mom, she carries some of the most beautiful pieces of pottery (amongst other things) that I have ever seen; my favourite pieces are by Seastar Pottery, you can find them here.  I hope to add to my collection soon, but for the time being I’ll just enjoy the two I have.

Jellyfish mug from Seastar Pottery

Sea Urchin mug from Seastar Pottery

In addition to my coffee addiction that I can’t seem to shake, I have an addiction to cookbooks, and the evil that is Amazon and Chapters. EVIL!  I feel that I pay off my credit card *yay!* only just to rack it up again with book purchases.


My latest book buying spree has left me a giddy mess, I picked up ‘Garde Manger’ by my main man Chuck Hughes http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Garde-Manger-Chuck-Hughes/9781443413268-item.html?ikwid=garde+manger&ikwsec=Home

And the amazing ‘The Foodie Handbook. The (almost) Definitive Guide to Gastronomy’ by Pim Techamuanvivit of www.ChezPim.com

Both of these books are slowly changing my life.  I haven’t had the chance to try any recipes yes (damn you show prep!) but, I have tried Pim’s recipe for Pad Thai, ages ago, and it’s true, it really IS the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had. EVER.
If you ever have a chance, head out and grab these two books, you won’t be sorry; I promise.

Excerpt from ‘The Foodie Handbook.’

I eat a lot.  6 times a day, to be precise.  Every meal that I eat has a vegetable portion…EVERY MEAL. So you can understand why I insist that my produce be fresh, organic when I can afford it, and delicious.  Show prep is hard enough, I don’t need crappy, and unnecessarily overpriced food to make it any harder.  I have checked out the farmer’s market out here in Halifax, and it’s nice, but I wasn’t too thrilled with paying almost 7 dollars for a bunch of carrots (WHAT THE F*C*!).  Which is why I was so happy to have discovered that I can eat fresh produce every week through a local CSA produce pack.
When I say that things changed my life, I usually really mean it.  I like to feel that I have gained something while spending my hard earned money, or my time, really, on whatever it is that I’m doing.  The two abovementioned books really are changing my life, my eating life; I love to create with food, and I love to create with food for the people that I care about.  So, that being said, my recent investment in a CSA produce pack is right up where with one of the smartest, healthiest things I’ve done to date.  It has helped me stay on track with my show prep ‘diet’ (I hate that word) and it has allowed me to try out things I normally wouldn’t have purchased at the grocery store; case and point: fresh fennel.  I love that stuff, I can’t get enough of it!  If you’re in Nova Scotia, I highly encourage you to check out Abundant Acres you can find them here and here.  I pay about the same as I did at my local produce place, but the quality of the food far surpasses what I find at the store.  When I say ‘fresh produce’ I mean, picked that morning; not picked last week and driven to the store only to have it rot in my fridge after a day or so.  I’ll be heading over to Jen and Dave’s farm this weekend, so I’ll post about the amazingness that I’m sure to find there.  If you are not in the Nova Scotia area, find out how to benefit from CSA in your area. Seriously, do it.

We ate most of the blueberries on the ride home!


If I had a Hall Pass…..

I never know why it takes me so long to update this blog, I’d like to say that I’m so super busy doing amazing things all day long, but in reality, I really have no idea what takes all my time away!  The days seems to whiz by and I’m left at the end of the day, wishing for more hours to get things done.  Most of the time is spent at the gym, training, and the rest seems to be at the beach…I know, sucks to be me!

As I type this, I have every intention to update everything that hasn’t been updated, that’s at least three posts with one recipe included; but I know something will distract me *ooh sunshine* and I’ll stop, and then realize as I’m about to crawl into bed that I left it unfinished.  Oi.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I get through this now…I have a massive mug of coffee to fuel me, and I have an hour before I have to get in another cardio session, here goes nothing!

The week of July 19th (I told you I was behind!) brought the magnificent Tall Ships Festival to Halifax; stunning!  I headed downtown with some friends and ooh’d and aah’d with the rest of them, there were some pretty spectacular vessels there on the particular day we attended, but there was even something BETTER and more spectacular to ogle as we wandered further along the boardwalk.  Now, I’ve managed to meet some pretty great people in Nova Scotia since I’ve moved here, but I had no idea I’d find me, in another person’s body….as dirty as that just came out, I didn’t mean it like that.  Get your mind outta the gutter!!  Her name is Kim and you can find her here.
It’s quite comical actually, we like all of the same things, we’re giant massive foodies and we both can’t get enough of the food network…I actually think we’ve finished eachother’s sentences a couple of times…it’s really quite sick.  Anyway! We were walking along and we stumbled upon the “Taste of Nova Scotia” tent, *Squee! Food!*  There was a section with a bunch of tables and chairs, and there was this man on stage, walking back and fourth, explaining a dish of someso- WAIT!  Could it be?  I clutched Kim’s arm in excitement…

KIM!  Is that…..is that…


Commence dying happy.

I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen..this man is magic. Pure effing magic.  We had the chance to get an autograph as well…there I am, meeting one of my all time favourite Food Network Stars and I can’t even form a damn sentence.  It came out in disgusting girlish giggles, blushes, and a whole hell of a lot of gibberish.  Sigh.

Mr. Chuck, if you ever see this…I’m sorry.