Boobs On A Cake

A few months ago my friend asked me to make a cake for her Husband’s 31st birthday, she gave me full control, flavour, size, style…etc. I had always wanted to make a boob cake…seriously. They are so awesomely fun, and who doesn’t secretly want to bite a it cake or real. C’mon, don’t look at me like that, I know you’ve thought about it…we all have.

Boob Cake

I decided to make my favourite, tuxedo cake. SO effing good! Layers of chocolate cake, white chocolate cream cheese mousse, vanilla cake, and chocolate mousse all covered with a dark chocolate ganache, and then iced with a decadent buttercream icing. OH MAMA! If that sounds good…it is then topped with layered boobs! SWOON!

I got the recipe(s) from here, I used my own cake recipe and ended up only doing a chocolate cake, I didn’t realize how much damn time this cake would take to make, the end result, however, was so worth it! If you’re looking for a fun and delicious cake, this one would be the one for you.

White Chocolate Creamcheese Mousse

Dark Chocolate Ganache



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